Our Programs


Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program will help offset cost of these services

Our mandate from the Lord is not to allow a person’s inability to pay from stopping them from getting the services they need. We serve many on a sliding scale or pro-bono. Our scholarship program will help offset cost of these services. Our heart and mission is to maintain the integrity of the family.


Prevention Program

IMPACT is the ACT of caring

IMPACT is a holistic community approach that focuses on addressing youth and young adults (13-23) through interventions such as education, group, camps, activities, missions, mentorship and partnership programs.


Education Program

Empowering Lives Through Learning

We provide workshops and trainings on many topics that impact families and communities at large. We are developing an after school program to help children struggling with their homework or class assignments.


Financial Partnership

Investing In Lives

We invite you to become a financial partner. As a financial partner you are investing in the lives and future of our families, impacting communities and transforming lives.



Our client base has grown significantly through referrals from the community from churches, local, private and government agencies, and word of mouth by current and former program participants. We have continued to establish and cultivate strong relationships within the community as well as in neighboring areas (Fort Collins and Loveland). We continue to increase services in areas of case management, referrals, advocacy, empowerment, self-reliance and consultations. We provide numerous referrals, information, and prayers to those who are not program participants but call us seeking assistance after searching the internet or phone directories. Most importantly we continue to gain the trust and support of those we serve.



LOCM continues steady development in three stages to provide a continuum of care to the community. The first stage is the ongoing provision of faith based and traditional therapy to individuals, couples and families. The second stage consists of ever expanding services and development as a community multi-service center and prevention program to maintain the integrity of the family and to prevent the need for foster care. The third stage is the establishment of the children’s home.

 An over-arching goal of LOCM is to identify abuse, provide appropriate intervention, and prevent its occurrence or reoccurrence. The effects of abuse are seen in those seeking help. Adult survivors of childhood trauma, victims of domestic violence, and dysfunctional families are just some of the painful outcomes of abuse and neglect that are currently being treated by this ministry. Indeed, there is not one person who has not been affected in some way by abuse.